Kilimanjaro Hiking day Trips

Trekking to Kilimanjaro can take you several days up to the summit, for those who have a limited time Kilimanjaro hiking offered a day hike whereby you will accompany by mountain guide. There two routes for day hiking which are Marangu and Lemosho route, Marangu route is dominated by forest zones while Lemosho route has an excellent view of the mountain, Shira Plateau, using this route will take you up to Shira one or Shira two depending on your speed and fitness, our most recommended route a day tour is Lemosho route due to its scenic view, clearly seen when the mountain is open, experience way of life of local people on the way, the climate of the west Kilimanjaro side. You will cross at farming area of potatoes, carrots, maize, beans, etc before signing at lemosho gate. The high altitude animas will seen while on day hiking in both routes such as monkeys and baboons.

During your day hike you should carry picnic lunch with you, the picnic will held during your walking, don’t forget to carry enough drinking water, hiking boot, umbrella, walking sticks, rain coat, after sign at lemosho gate you will transferred by your vehicle up to Moramu point, at this point is where we call starting point. While at Marangu route the starting point will begin immediately at the gate after sign-in the book. Three hours drive from Arusha town to Lemosho gate and two and half hours drive from Moshi town while from Arusha town to Marangu gate will take about two hours while From Moshi town to Marangu gate will take an hour. The best time for Kilimanjaro hiking is from June to March, April to May is rain season hiking can be a bit challenge.