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Serengeti National Park

Serengeti better to know it as Siringet the maasai meaning endless plain, the Serengeti speaks for itself and with good reason not only the migration of over 1 million wildebeest through its plains and woodlands but also unique landscapes and other spectacular wildlife. The Serengeti is home to the world’s largest population of wildebeest, zebra, cape eland, lion, cheetah, hyena, and gazelles. The scenic beauty of the sky with cool nights and warm days makes your trip to Serengeti to remaining home for great migration of large mammals incredible. Serengeti has scenic and spectacular landscapes the vast scenic and unspoiles landscapes among others which made this area to be recognized as a world heritage site by unesco, with its vast plains, rolling hills and island of kopjes increases the beauty of this park.

Attractions found in Serengeti

Serengeti national park a world-renown, world biosphere reserve and world heritage site that has many attraction than any other national park in Africa, the great migration, the big five, unique birds collection, endangered species, highest concentration of carnivores and herbivores, scenic and spectacular landscapes are some of the attraction one will encounter.  

The Great Migration.

The great migration over 1.3million accompanied by large numbers of zebra and small numbers of grant’s and Thomson,s gazelle, eland and impala with an annual pattern seeking fresh grazing and water, having a chance of encountering this gives you a life time experience from nature read more……

High Concentration of Carnivores.

Serengeti has the highest concentration of carnivores especially all the big African cats such as lions, leopards cheetahs and sported hyenas, seeing these powerful predators hunting and sometimes fighting for the territory all makes the perfect of your day. 

What to do in Serengeti National park

having unparalleled attractions, Serengeti has number of tourism activities and opportunities for visitors to get the best wildlife experience, some of those includes hot air balloon, game drive, filming and photographic, walking safaris, bush meal and culture tour. 

Hot air balloon.

Hot air balloon which gives visitors a chance to see the park in different perspectives (seeing from the top) read more……

Serengeti game drive.

Game viewing by vehicles is major tourist activities in the park, it gives the visitors an opportunity to see animals comfortably from their vehicles. The professional filming and photographing, Serengeti is a perfect place for professional photographic, footages and filming.

Serengeti Bush meal.

Having a bush meal in the middle of the bush while surrounded by animals, sceneries, colorful birds and the beautiful sky make the day memorable.  There are also picnic sites which are designed special area to have a lunch whereby toilet are available, also is a nice area for tourist sink whereby provides a chance for visitors to stretch and see things around.

Serengeti Walking Safaris.

Is the best way to experience nature on foot, Serengeti offers an opportunity for walking in the wilderness and normally accompanied by an armed park ranger.  

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